Fraunhofer Embedded Systems Alliance

The Fraunhofer Alliance Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are a central component of technology products, e.g., in transportation, medical technology, or automation. In addition, they are usually interconnected with each other and increasingly open (e.g., towards the Internet).
Embedded systems are encountered as control units, as groups of control units, as groups of control units in a system (e.g., an airplane), and as stand-alone systems, which includes being embedded in their operating systems. The latter are also called “Cyber-Physical Systems”.

Smart IT protects our most valuable asset

Fraunhofer Alliance Embedded Systems, Press Release, November 16, 2015

Embedded systems support patients and doctors: With the help of smart embedded software, many people can receive better and more continuous care even today. In emergencies, too, interconnected IT solutions help to save crucial minutes of precious time for the patient.

Embedded systems are shaping the mobility infrastructures of the future – Fraunhofer announces autonomous driving portal at the IAA

Fraunhofer Alliance Embedded Systems, Press Release, September 17, 2015

By controlling the vast majority of the functions in the vehicle and providing secure connectivity to the car's environment, embedded systems are a vital element of connected and autonomous driving applications. The Fraunhofer Embedded Systems Alliance bundles the expertise of its member institutes in this field and develops smart mobility applications.